Pawel Kaczynski was born in Warsaw, Poland. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Wł. Strzeminski in Lodz-Poland. A member of the Polish Association of Sculptors since 1992. Since 1995 the member of the Goldsmithing Artists’ Association (STFZ).

For over 20 years I has been designing and making jewelry. The individual nature of my work is the result of many years of experimentation with goldsmithing techniques, the search for new properties of metals and individual technical solutions. My works are not only the collections of jewelry but also an attempt of creative expression in jewelry as a field of art. I took part in over a hundred exhibitions and international competitions of jewelry. My works are in the collections of art museums in many countries.



Bracelet "layers" placed 2nd in Contemporary Metal Jewelry -"Best of the Best” JCK Jewelers" Choice Awards / L.V., USA


- Bronze A' Design Award Winner for Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Category in 2015 / bracelets collection/ Milano, Italy;
- Bronze A' Design Award Winner for Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Category in 2015 / rings collection / Milano, Italy;
- 2 prize in the Contemporary Metal Jewelry Category–"Best of the Best" JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards / L.V. , USA;


- GRAND PRIX for Design - "Mercurius Gedanensis" Amberif 2015 - Gdansk; 
- honourable mention for Workmanship Excellence - "Mercurius Gedanensis" - Gdansk;
- Merit Award Winners - "The Arts & Crafts Design Award 2014";


- honorable mention - "Z Jedwabnego My..." - La Basilica Galeria - Barcelona;
- honorable mention - designer jewelry 25 years - "25 for 25. Jewellery of the time of freedom(1989-2014)" - special exibition - Warsaw;
- honorable mention - "the fifth element- woman" - XIV Edition Artistic Jewellery Contest "Prezentacje 2014" - Warsaw;


- 3 prize - International Biennale "Alatyr 2013"-"AquaTerra"- Kaliningrad, Russia;
- honorable mentions for necklace with amber -"Mercurius Gedanensis" Amberif - Gdansk;
- honorable mentions for collections of bracelets -"Mercurius Gedanensis" Amberif;


- 1st prize - XII Edition Artistic Jewellery Contest "Prezentacje 2012" - “The Ring”;


- honorable mention -“ The International Amber Triennale” in Frombork;
- 2 prize- International Biennale "Alatyr 2011"-"Space-Time"-Kaliningrad, Russia;


- laureate of "Galeria Otwarta" - "31 x jewellery" - Sandomierz;


- GRAND PRIX for Design - "Mercurius Gedanensis" Amberif - Gdansk;


- laureate - "DESIGN" contest of Watches & Jewellery m.m., Fairs "G.S.T."- Warsaw;
- STANKO Gallery prize - Exhibition of Jewellery "Presentations 2004"- Warsaw;
- 3 prize - Exhibition of Jewellery "Presentations 2004"- Warsaw;


- laureate - "DESIGN" contest of a monthly magazine Watches & Jewellery"- Warsaw;


- honorable mention -The Exhibition of Jewellery SILVER TOP "Towards Japan"- Warsaw.